Domino Park Sunrise Set
  • Went to LES after testing speaker at home
  • Played at LES for 45 minutes
  • Rode home and stopped at Domino to play short sunrise set. Ended up playing for a group there for 2.5 hours, until my battery died.

I was biking back over the Williamsburg bridge. The sun was coming up. I thought that it would be great to record a short set at Domino park. I could record with the sun in the background coming up an shining on the buildings.

I got to Domino. There were these two girls and a guy there, and also another dude sitting close by on the bench. The guy on the bench told me I should play some music when he saw my speaker. The girls also got excited when they saw my mixer board and asked if I was setting up.

At the same time too, a big group of about 10 Irish people walked in to the park. They sat down close by, and 1 of them came over and asked me if I was DJing. They too were exited. I told them I was playing house, and it was great. I had a whole crowd and everyone couldn’t wait to hear the music start. ?

I started playing and it was wonderful. One of the only gripes I had was that the speaker wasn’t quite loud enough for me to be satisfied. I felt like I needed 3 of them to have the proper effect I wanted. It made me reconsider buying that Bose speaker. I should list it as one of my goals, and turn it into a work/savings goal that will help me to save up for my rental property at the same time.

That’s the way I want to make big purchases – make it into a driving force that actually ends with you making more money in the end, because you saved and worked more. ?

I played the set for over 2 hours. It was wonderful.

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