Getting closer to DJ goals

Working on perfecting my transitions. I want to be able to execute excellent transitions so I can be confident when I go to the club and tell them that I’m ready to DJ. I want to have several recent mixes in my SoundCloud that don’t have mistakes. I need to be able to mix one set after the other without making mixing errors. Especially not big mixing errors.

It’s getting closer. Reps reps reps, like Arnold Schwarzenegger said. You keep doing something over and over, and you eventually sharpen it down to a point and become perfect. As long as I can have a set of songs that I can be confident to execute flawlessly, I will have no problem walking into that club and playing. I won’t have to worry. Once I’ve done the work, I will be ready to perform.

It’s fun to practice something every day. When you do something every day, you can see yourself getting better daily. You get a kind of special momentum that can only be gotten from doing something daily. It’s almost like you’re saying to the universe “I’m doing this.”, and you become fixed to the track that you want to be on.

I wrote on my calendar that I would go out this week and talk to bars and clubs and find somewhere where I can play on one of their non-busy nights. I will be able to get started somewhere. I am excited to go and see what kinds of reponses I will get. I’m actually remembering when I did this in Stockholm. I think I actually only went into one place, but they were open to me coming and playing there. I think I wasn’t doing a great job of selling myself there, since I was telling them that I wasn’t going to charge them anything, and I was basically saying that I just wanted to go there for training, but nevertheless, once you show up and sell youself in some way, that’s the first step. You’re shipping. You’re putting yourself and your product out there.

I’m happy to have decided to finally dive into DJing. It’s been on my list for many years, and I’m looking forward to doing something about it. I’vc been wondering if it’s actually going to be something worth pursuing lately. I think there’s all kinds of doubtful thoughts when you’re doing something. One is whether this is even worthwhile / fun enough / valuable enough. I’ll find out in time. I won’t be able to know until I’ve done it. For now, I will just enjoy executing this goal, and it will be awesome.

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