4th of July Hostel Party SharedEasy

The 4th of July party DJ was a huge success. I showed up around 8pm to play from the manager’s bluetooth speaker. I didn’t even know that it was possible to DJ from a bluetooth speaker like that, but I guess it makes sense if you have the right adapter. For my mixer (which has RCA output), all I needed was RCA to AUX.

The people at the party loved the music. I was playing techno and some people started dancing after I showed up and started playing. I feel that when there’s a DJ playing, people just want to dance. It’s different than when someone is just playing music from a playlist. Although, later on the roof, they were playing from the playlist, and people were dancing even more, but I think bringing the DJ vibe can still get the party started.

I made a small announcement to the party that I was going to DJ some music. I could have made a longer announcement but it was good that I said something.

Me and Zac went to pick up a speaker because he got the idea that we should go all out and have a PA. He wanted to rent one initially, and then later he bought one. I was going to split the rental cost with him, $50 each.

There was a guy from Berlin who liked the music. He said that starting out as a DJ, it’s a good idea to go and play at some clubs for free. Then once you’ve done that, at the next ones ask for $50, since you’ve played at these other places. That way you can build up.

Notes from people at the party of things to check out:

band camp 

tim green artist 

mandy buka shade 

booka shade 


solomun h

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