Playing in the SharedEasy common room

DJ practicing in hostel. Zac let me borrow his speaker. He gave me his instagram, zac_the_builder. I recorded a set at the commons table in the hostel. Practicing for the party tomorrow. He had an Ultimate Ears battery speaker that gets pretty loud. I want to get something like this to street DJ in New York. Maybe I can get something that’s not as expensive

Was thinking about back when I started DJing. I don’t really remember how I initially got into it, but I remember DJing with Eric Heimer at Green’s Villa in Stockholm University. We even threw a little faction party one or two nights. It was fun. We took turns working the door, the bar, and DJing. There weren’t many people there, but it was still a great time. It’s really fun to have an audience.

Was also thinking about when I was sharing music with Tommy Goonan a while back. He was saying how cool DJing was, and he was excited that I was going to keep going with it, and he said there were lots of fun things ahead.

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