Move to NYC – Start of DJing career

I just got to NYC yesterday. It’s electric here. Was here last month, and so glad to be back. Decided that I’m going to go all in on my DJing career, and work to get gigs and clubs and bars. I’ve been listening to Total Recall, Arnold Schwarzeneggers autobiography. In there, he talks about his burning passion and tunnel vision that he had when getting into bodybuilding, and movies. He always had a goal, and this is what allowed him to push forward. When you have something you want so badly, everything else is just a way for you to move forward with that. Working at a boring job can be something with new desire and motivation, because you know it’s a step towards your dream.

I’ve spent a long time not working on my DJing passion, and this is going to change now. I’m ready to go all in for it. I will do everything it takes to become a DJ, to DJ at events and venues, and etc. I will become tunnel vision just like Arnold Did. I feel I’ve touched the key, and I’m on the speed track now to going towards my goal.

I will start with doing some things that I feel I should be doing to get into DJing:

  • Go and talk to bar and club managers and promoters
  • Go out to places, and make friends with the bartenders, regulars, DJs, people at the bars, etc
  • Put out a ton of content, and get a following on social media.
  • Listen to new music, and get a big library going of songs that you want to DJ

It’s exciting to have this list. I will also get index cards and write my goals on them, like Arnold did. It’s important to have goals, because it makes life worth living. Like Jordan Peterson said, do what you love to do, until you’re thrilled to be alive.

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