Bourbon Street DJ Set – 12 Feb – Second weekend of Mardi Gras

Went out and played another street set for Mardi Gras. I got most of it on video but forgot to record on Serato. I got the first video with audio just from my iphone here:

It was a little bit of a weird spot where I decided to sit. There was alot of crowd traffic through kindof a bottleneck. I was creating part of that bottleneck, and a police fence was creating the other. Not the best spot to chill. I ended up moving after a bit and that’s when I realized that I never hit record.

I think it would be fun to try and DJ down on the west end of Bourbon, by Krystal’s. There’s a pretty quiet stretch down there, and I feel like I could catch some people on their walk back home or to their hotel.

Someone gave me $20 last night. The last 3 times I’ve gone out I’ve always gotten some kind of tip from someone. I think last time dude gave me $10. This was the biggest tip so far. Before he gave me a tip, he asked me if I could mix in a Chili Peppers song. I told him I couldn’t – but I don’t really know why. 75% of me said it was because I didn’t think it was possible (even though if I would have thought about it, I could totally download the song and mix it in), and 25% of me just didn’t want to. But I’m out there for the crowd, I’m not there for myself (I’m there for myself too). I should always be doing what I can to please the crowd. Just for the sake of doing it, not because they’re going to give me tips.

Going to go out again tonight and try a different spot. I think I should mix up the music as well. People do enjoy my house and techno though. But maybe I should get some more of that super mainstream music they play at the clubs on Bourbon? I don’t know though – I couldn’t really get as engaged with that stuff. I guess for now I’ll stick with the techno. I did have a few fans last night.

Here is a shorter set of the same night, with the audio edited in:

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