Djing ? – Working on passions, setting up life as you want it

Setting up DJing as one of my life passions, and a step towards my vision

Met a girl named Sequoia last night and we were talking about doing the things we want most in life. I was also listening to Gary Vee’s book Crush It, and have been writing blogs on my web developer site, about doing your life’s passion.

Gary talks about doing a blog for your passion, so I’m going to start here. It feels good really to start writing about this. It’s probably going to help convince me to put more effort into doing this. Right now this is partially a hobby, because I have some other personal goals I’m working on, but I’m going to be doing this as #3 after work and my other self development project. I think #3 is not ideal for a life passion project, but since I have this other thing going on now it’s going to have to wait.

Since I still have some free time for a hobby, this will be my hobby. I don’t want to spend too much time writing, because all of the time spent writing could be spent actually DJing. However on the other hand, this blog will help to get people to know about me and see my personality, once I start working to get gigs. I am excited about this.

Been thinking about Seth Godin’s The Dip, and DJing is something that I can work through to get to the other side of the dip. It’s something that I started years ago, and continue to love, so it’s worth it. And if I really put focus into it, being able to play for people – especially when I start throwing parties and being able to play the kinds of music I really like, and playing at weddings and stuff, it’s going to be awesome

My main goals for DJing

My main goals in the area of DJing are:

  • host my own events
  • play at professional clubs
  • play at edm venues where they like my kind of music
  • play at weddings as a private DJ
  • throw UG events with my own gear

These are the most fun sounding things to do. I am excited to be working towards this passion, to create sets and share them with the world, and to grow as a DJ, which I have been wanting to do in the back of my mind for years. I have been so focused on achieving a career that makes me some real money and allows me to grow and learn, that I have not started working to be a DJ, or on any of my other goals much so far (such as sewing physical products, another one of my goals for later).

I know some people advocate to just work on your passion, not on a “backup” plan. I know Schwarzenegger said this, and I’m such a big fan of his.

Sometimes I wonder if I won’t really like being a DJ. I was about to say that I’ll know once I start, which I do think is kindof true. But thinking about Seth Godin’s dip, I think another thing to keep in mind is that long term future vision. I don’t need to be there now to know I’ll love it. I know that I love playing my music on the streets for people. I know that I love DJing. And I know that playing at festivals and venues and campsites and underground parties of the music I like will be killer.

Cool things about being a DJ

I will be able to move towards my other goals in the area of DJing, like hosting my own events and festivals. This is something that I’ve really thought would be awesome, and this is something that I will have as one of my goals with Real Estate investing and making money. I have as my long term vision being able to host my own events and festivals, and make money doing it. I think that would be the ultimate creation, and that’s probably really what my life purpose is. To be a person who throws events and fests. This will allow me the most freedom to do all kinds of stuff, allow me to be social, allow me to make people happy, allow me to send a positive message, and allow me to make lots of money, that I can use to be more useful to others (as Derek Sivers said on the Tim Ferris show).

I think we were meant to create things as humans. Maybe not all of us want to do this, but I know that for many many of us, it is very fulfilling. I love even writing my web dev blog and creating videos there. It’s real satisfying for me. I want to be able to do this with other things that I really love, such as web development.

I’m excited to get started and to share this journey with you all. So far, I have an “in” because I can busk on the streets of New Orleans. I will save up my tip money for my first investment as a DJ – a new cart.

Let’s end off with the note that since I’m a web dev, I can afford to work 4-6 hours a day, still put aside money for real estate, buy a big speaker, buy busking dj supplies, and create this blog. So I’m going in a great direction and in a great position. I’m glad for where I am. Michael Ellsberg says in The Education of Millionaires that the first step to doing what you love is getting financial freedom. I’m starting here. I have my goals. I have my vision. I have something to move towards every week, so I am happy, and I am fulfilled. I envision myself as a badass underground night bass DJ, and that’s where I’ll be in a couple years.

Sharing with the world

I feel uncomfortable sharing a post like this with the world. I feel weird putting my passion out there. I should do it anyway. I don’t have to start right now if I dont want to. Maybe I can make it a mission to record a DJ set on Bourbon street to accompany this blog post, before I post it to facebook. Then I can have something to back it up with, some backup to accompany all the talk. After all, talking / writing is one thing, actually doing the Djing is another. ?

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