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Graffiti of woman wearing ski mask with "Liberacion" jacket

Plotting How to Start Hosting Events At Bars ?

I was watching a video the other day about how to get first gigs as a dj. The guy said ...
Omar Shishani standing in front of a group of 15 people at Domino Park before a set.

Domino Park Sunrise Set

Went to LES after testing speaker at home Played at LES for 45 minutes Rode home and stopped at Domino ...
"Men Working" orange construction sign in Manhattan, New York City

Podcast: First night playing at venue in NYC – Hart Bar ?

Talking about playing my first night at Hart Bar after a short journey out to find places to play at ...
Backside of speaker showing RCA and DMX ports

Setting up equipment at Hart Bar, first real venue played in NYC

Found a venue to play at after talking to 2 bars Played first real venue in NYC last night. It ...

Getting closer to DJ goals

Working on perfecting my transitions. I want to be able to execute excellent transitions so I can be confident when ...
New York City Manhattan skyline with Empire State Building, seen from Domino Park

There’s always fear when going after a new goal

It always feels scary to start something new. I'm scared when starting DJing that I'm not going to make it ...
Omar Shishani djing at SharedEasy hostel in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, New York

DJ Set: Tech Hoe

Set recorded at hostel ...
Omar Shishani playing dj set at 4th of july party for SharedEasy in Brooklyn

4th of July Hostel Party SharedEasy

The 4th of July party DJ was a huge success. I showed up around 8pm to play from the manager's ...
Omar Shishani DJing at hostel on commons room table

Playing in the SharedEasy common room

DJ practicing in hostel. Zac let me borrow his speaker. He gave me his instagram, zac_the_builder. I recorded a set ...
Pioneer SB2 DJ Mixer on bed

DJ Gig at hostel

Some guy I was sharing a room with in my NYC hostel saw my mixer in the closet. We got ...


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